Sarah H - Hassocks - April 2023


I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough in helping me with my claustrophobia.
Her calm understanding of my situation made the sessions I had with her feel safe and so relaxed.
Her teaching of breathing techniques, visualisation and positive thinking enabled me to be so much more in control and calm in claustrophobic situations.
In addition to the sessions her email follow ups have been particularly detailed and helpful.
Thank you so much Stephanie.

Sophie W - Hassocks - July 2022


I cannot thank Stephanie enough for her amazing work!
She has been so understanding and easy to talk to throughout all of the sessions. Following each session I have felt calm and a real sense of improvement in my self confidence. Thank you xx

Cathy Y - Sussex - Jan 2022


I am absolutely astounded that Stephanie's technique banished my 22 year long smoking habit! I never ever thought I'd be able to give up. Stephanie was thorough, calm and friendly. It has been 6 weeks since the treatment and I feel like smoking is 100% gone from my life. Mind Blown. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone, she's magic!

Cathy Y - Sussex - Jan 2022


I am absolutely astounded that Stephanie's technique banished my 22 year long smoking habit! I never ever thought I'd be able to give up. Stephanie was thorough, calm and friendly. It has been 6 weeks since the treatment and I feel like smoking is 100% gone from my life. Mind Blown. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone, she's magic!

Liz - Sussex - Dec 2021


'Thank you for all your help. I am so pleased that I made that initial call and you have been able to help me manage myself so much better.'

Jane - Sussex - Oct 2021


Stephanie helped me deal with the grief of losing my partner of 28 years. She is kind, compassionate and professional. In addition she has a lot more in her toolbox than just hypnotherapy. I highly recommend her to anyone who is going through a difficult time whatever that might be.

Jill - Sussex - May 2021

ANXIETY & Highly sensitive (HSP) issues

I made an appointment with Stephanie as I was feeling exhausted and was not able to overcome it.
I am also a highly sensitive person which is difficult to say the least but Stephanie understood and treated me in a way that included that aspect of me which was quite refreshing as people do not understand how it feels.
I was made to feel very calm and relaxed and I was able to access and understand what was making me so tired.
I was given techniques to use to help and overcome and I now have much more energy and a fuller understanding of myself.
I would definitely recommend Stephanie.

Lauren - Sussex - September 2020


Stephanie's gentle and insightful sessions really helped me out of a patch of anxiety I didn't know how to come back from. She adapted to my personal needs and helped me find techniques that really got me back on track, and the hypnoses were very effective. I highly recommend Stephanie and am very grateful to her for giving me a sense of control and stability over my mind again.

C - Sussex - February 2020


I can not recommend Stephanie more highly. I had six sessions with her to work on some really stuck beliefs I had from childhood. I am also hoping to embark on a new career and I wanted to work on my confidence and self belief. I am not completely sure what Stephanie did and indeed how hypnotherapy works but it does! I feel so differently to when I first started seeing her. Things that would normally send my into a spiral do not appear to have the same impact on me emotionally and habits I have had all my life appear to have fallen away. I have a new found calmness and acceptance which I am so grateful to Stephanie for. She is kind, good humoured and empathetic and above all I felt safe with her. I so enjoyed being in Stephanie's company and would not hesitate to go back and see her again. I believe I was in the right place in my mind to accept the changes hypnotherapy can make and I value it as a resource I would gladly use again. So worth the time and money!

Matt J - Hassocks - January 2020


Stephanie was great. She was friendly and easy to talk to too and was able to really help me out. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking to change their mindset around something.

Angela Bryant, Sussex - January 2020


I went to Stephanie because of some fears I needed to overcome before I could comfortably host a networking event that meant a lot to me to start. Her skill and her gentle, compassionate way of delivering the hypnotherapy sessions totally amazed me and surpassed my expectations, leaving me feeling confident and ready to start hosting and enjoying it too!

Marjorie Lido, France - December 2019


I would like to say a big thank you to Stephanie because it was far from being won and if today I can say with pride "I am a non smoker" it is thanks to her! At first I was very sceptical, but I still decided to try. During our first session Stephanie sought to know my motivations. She is a wonderful therapist, who put me at ease straight away. I wanted to stop smoking in the car when leaving work everyday and it worked ! I came out of this session wondering what would happen the next time I started my car.. well ... nothing happened, because I did not even think about it! It's crazy, it does not exist anymore!  We had 2 sessions in person and a third 3rd by Skype. Review after 8 months: I'm a non smoker! I do not think about it anymore! Even when my colleagues have a cigarette, or if I am out for a drink, or feeling stressed.. it is not part of my life anymore. Today I feel completely free of tobacco. It's like I have never smoked! I encourage all those who want to quit to contact Stephanie, I am really grateful. Thank you !

Moira Triance, Sussex - June 2019



Sarah Ellis, Hassocks- February 2019


I don't know how to thank Stephanie enough . I suffered with anxiety for some time, it felt like I was living in a clouded bubble, which was awful as I have never experienced anything like it before. Stephanie turned my life back around for me, she is so easy to talk to and makes you feel so relaxed & comfortable and I'm now back on track and looking forward to my future . Highly recommend THANK YOU STEPHANIE!


Mike Griggs, Hassocks- December 2018


 I had developed a life long anxiety surrounding everything to do with Dentistry which would get in the way of my daily life when anything tooth related was due. With a big filling needing to be done, I hoped hypnotherapy would help - and it did brilliantly - and it is all thanks to Stephanie. From her kind and caring manner, flexibility with schedules and exceptional follow-up. Stephanie makes the whole process amazing, and teaches methods and techniques which can be applied to other areas of your life. My fear of the dentist has been normalised (I mean who really likes getting a filling done), and my procedure was a success both from the point of view of the filling and the relaxation techniques that I had learned from Stephanie along with the actual therapy. I can not recommend Stephanie enough, and have become a better and happier person for getting to know her.

Vanessa Tait, Brighton - September 2018


Hello, I don't know where to start here. I just want to give you a big virtual squeeze!  Everything that you have given me from the very very beginning and all the changes in my life that I can see and feel... wow it makes me super emotional just thinking about it (in a good way) as my life was really a whirlwind of worry and anxiety and feelings and habits I just wanted to rid myself of. Looking back and then experiencing my being now is totally totally different. My mindset, my thoughts, how I deal with things. You touched on so many areas of pain (some I didn't even know I had until they came out from our sessions) It's like I am reborn again. I really wasn't sure what to expect from this experience but I don't think I could express enough that it is all down to you without a doubt, as looking back at myself before we first started looks so different, even though I am still experiencing hardship it is all down to my mindset and how I cope with everything and perceive things differently. You have changed my life Stephanie and I couldn't be more grateful to you, a million thank yous and more! 

Natalie Pitt, Hassocks - August 2018


I used Stephanie for hypnosis to help me stop smoking, and it worked. I am now free of smoking, and have no thoughts or desires to ever do it again. Her understanding and kind approach helps you reach your goals, and improve your future. I would highly recommend her, she is amazing!


Kirshen Rundle, Brighton - June 2018

'I found out about Stephanie from a spa that I attend for other treatments and which I rate very highly. So, I looked at her website and liked the sound of her and her approach very much. I was fed up with experiencing a phobia about birds and the effects that it had on me and my life. I had always felt restricted about being able to go places, eat outside, even to feel relaxed while out shopping. With a special holiday coming up, I decided it was the right time finally to try and do something about it in what appeared to be a safe, calm environment.

I liked and trusted Stephanie from the first moment and, although I felt very open to the process, I did fear that the phobia was just so strong, that the therapy wouldn't 'work'.

But it did! Even after the first session I was able to sit on a bench on the sea front and read the paper without worrying about where the pigeons were. That was a first for me and I was stunned at how easy it was. I had two further sessions where Stephanie offered me techniques to help and reinforced the process that had already started.

Life feels much richer and more full of possibilities, as well as less anxiety producing. One thing that struck me very forcibly was that I finally felt like I fitted in with the rest of the human race. That was really powerful as I hadn't realised before just how separated I had felt from other people.

I would thoroughly recommend the therapy that Stephanie offers and she is so lovely too that she makes it easy to address the fears'.


Cecile Dubuis, London - February 2018

I had three sessions with Stephanie. My first one was in person and the last two via video calls. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I had never done it. My main aim was to try to eat more slowly, to help with weight, stomach problems and general well-being improvement. She helped set some new routines as well as some little tricks and exercises for me to do in the evenings, the sessions slowly helped me break some of my habits and change some of my attitude towards food, feel lighter, make healthier choices.  Being able to also doing it online is also very practical. Thank you!

Karmen Rendall - December 2017 - Brighton


‘I have had several sessions with Stephanie including Hypnotherapy to deal with a number of personal and family issues. Stephanie's sessions are fantastic and her high level of knowledge and skill enable her to treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Stephanie is extremely professional and discreet and exudes a lovely calm nature. In just a few sessions Stephanie really helped me to deal with the loss and grief of my sister using a great technique. I could move on with my life and not feel the guilt.  Stephanie helped me resolve my sleep problems and how to cope with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Stephanie is so knowledgeable and has an answer and a technique to deal with every problem. I am so grateful that I found Stephanie at the time when I was most vulnerable and my life has now turned around. I am still using the sleep techniques and visual techniques to resolve problems. 

 I would highly recommend Stephanie!

Kate Warwick-Oliver - September 2107 - London


Having never tried hypnotherapy before I was a little sceptical that it could help me stop a lingering smoking habit. However after three sessions I feel rid of it completely.

Stephanie helped me to discuss the issues surrounding my smoking fully, and has such a beautiful, calming voice that I was able to relax completely (even in a Skype session)
I'm very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend it.
Thanks very much Stephanie!

Donna Harris- September 2017 - London


I have had two hypnotherapy sessions via Skype with Stephanie so far, and after each time, I have felt a definite positive change take place.

Stephanie's consultations are extremely thorough; her line of questioning allows you to think deeply about how your issue is affecting your life and realise things that you may not have considered before. She has a very professional, yet personable, manner and offers tips and advice to help you even before the hypnotherapy has begun.

Stephanie's methods make it very easy to fall into a trance- like state quickly, and her words and clear, detailed descriptions make it easy for me to create vivid images in my mind's eye that stay with me long after the hypnotherapy has finished. Although I have not been to a hypnotherapist before, I have used many hypnotherapy CDs, and I think that Stephanie's sessions far surpass any of these. I can tell that Stephanie really listens to everything that I have said during the consultations, and somehow comes up with a hypnotherapy script that is truly bespoke to me and my needs at that time

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Stephanie to anyone looking for help with any issue or negative patterns.

Karen F - June 2017 - Brighton

I can highly recommend Stephanie to anyone
considering hypnotherapy. I was apprehensive before I saw her but she has a very calming and reassuring way about her, and instantly put me at ease.

I found her so easy to talk to and opened up straight away, the chat beforehand was just as therapeutic as the hypnotherapy after.I saw her to give up smoking and to treat my body with a bit more respect in general. After just one session I am not smoking anymore and have already been to the gym!

It's not magic, I wanted this for myself anyway, but seeing Stephanie makes it click into place and helps it all sink in.

Thank you so much Stephanie !!







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Richard Marsh - July 2017 - Tunbridge Wells


I had two sessions with Stephanie and found them both so useful and I learnt many visual techniques which I am still using now. These techniques help me 'organise' my mind when it feels cluttered and to overcome any potential feelings of anxiety. Her soothing and calming voice and general structured approach to the sessions are really good and make you feel relaxed and open you up to how you can take charge of your life and your mind. I know from experience that in such a busy life you mustn't take your mind and mental health for granted and at some point it catches up with you. Therefore I would definitely recommend sessions with someone like Stephanie to keep you in check and mentally strong. You won't regret it