Nervous Brides Package: Confidence/ Public speaking/ Weight/ Anxiety/ Fear of Flying/ Stop smoking + Bespoke Makeup

Your wedding day should be the most magical and memorable day of your life. Is your wedding in a few months or weeks and do you find yourself getting anxious about standing in front of so many people? perhaps you have to do a speech and feel nervous? Do you feel anxious about the day and you find yourself worrying about it? Or perhaps you want to lose weight before your wedding and need some motivation to exercise? Do you want to curb those food cravings and get into shape? Or would you like to stop smoking so you can start this new chapter a much healthier you? Or you might need some help with you fear of flying before your honeymoon? Big life moments such as a wedding are perfect times to make some positive changes in your life. In this special bridal package, we will do a few sessions to tackle the issues you need to drop or improve so you can feel calm, confident and totally enjoy your big day. With my 20 year career as a makeup artist, we will then do your makeup trial to get you the best possible look for you which I will recreate on your special day. If you are marrying abroad and need to do your own makeup, we will  do a bespoke bridal makeup lesson instead so you know exactly how to recreate the look. This package will get you ready from the inside out to reach your goals of well-being and confidence. 

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