Dealing with Negative patterns

Is Banning negativity from your life an impossible challenge?

Those moments when you are being negative, moaning, bitching, complaining.. Most of us are mostly unaware we do it.. because oh my my goodness it can be so ingrained! We complain because doing it is a very familiar habit.. A little negative rant here and there.. it is so much easier than not complaining. Not doing it demands such a huge effort for most people. It can be so unnatural to stop.

We may not even think of ourselves as negative, unaware of much of our thoughts and words.

Often our negativity is a way of communicating with others, like moaning about the weather for example. It helps breaking barriers between strangers and helps bonding together.
It can also be the way some friends or family members communicate. Together we just go to that ‘comfortable’ place of sharing stories that may have a negative connotation as we can forget that it is possible to communicate differently… It has become a lifelong habit of sharing our dramas and having a good moan together.
So it is really a way to share, to be heard, to ‘unburden’ ourselves of our stresses and agitated minds. We feel better once we have said it, had a good moan and got it out. However it is only a short term release. Long term, it leads to an overall unsatisfactory feeling. It doesn’t make us happier or more positive. It can make us feeling down, guilty and stuck in an unhealthy
pattern of negativity.

Some nationalities are more ‘optimistic’ and with a positive attitude than others.. as an example, the French are well known for having a moan about pretty much everything. The weather, the economy, politics, other drivers and so on… It is in the mentality, almost a way of expression. Of course I am allowed to say this because I am French and living abroad has really opened my eyes about other cultures and my own. We have lots of other qualities, talents and charm

Anyone who would like to improve themselves and their happiness must first of all understand themselves a bit better. Look at yourself closely, ‘listen’ to your words and how you communicate with others, keep track of your thoughts.

It is a lifelong journey of improvement. A journey of monitoring and understanding yourself better, of knowing what your priorities are to reach your full self and your own place of content and good habits.

I help many professionals break free from old habits and unwanted thoughts and anxiety. Contact me if you are ready to change and be free again to be who you really are and live a life you deserve.

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