Celebrities who have used Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

So many celebrities, including Holywood A listers, Sports champions, Royalty, Presidents and singers have used hypnosis and hypnotherapy to solve issues in their lives. I have listed some of the issues some of those celebrities got help with. The main one is smoking cessation, which has a very high success rate using hypnosis.

A lot of the issues come under the ‘anxiety’ bracket as so many addictions,  habits, confidence issues etc are created by anxiety. Hypnotherapy is also very efficient with performance, sports, motivation and focus, hence why so many sports personalities use it. Many have taught themselves how to use self hypnosis to get into a winning mindset.

There are probably many more personalities that have used hypnosis, and overall it is an amazing, safe, fast and successful therapy, often combining different modalities like mindfulness, coaching, EFT, NLP, CBT depending on the therapist.

Enjoy looking through the list of celebrities that have used hypnosis successfully.


Ellen De Generes          Aaron Eckhart         Ashton Kutcher          Matt Damon          Mark Knopfler            Cameron Diaz

Charlize Theron            Adele                          Drew Barrymore         Barack Obama       Ewan McGregor         Jennifer Aniston

Courteney Cox               Ben Affleck               Katy Perry                     Simon Cowell         Kate Moss                   Winona Ryder

Samuel L Jackson         Charlotte Church     Britney Spears



Gerri Halliwell              Orlando Bloom         Sophie Dahl                 Sarah Ferguson (Dutchess Of York)         Lily Allen

Nigella Lawson



David Beckham              Jacki Kennedy          Sylvester Stallone      Kiera Knightley         Jennifer Aniston      Khloe Kardashian

Kiera Knightley


Focus & Performance: 

Tiger woods             Sylvester Stallone       Albert Einstein         Jimmy Connors        Andre Agassi

Robert de Niro       Princess Diana            Sean Penn                  Ricky Martin              Mohammed Ali


Hypnobirthing:                                           Jessica Alba             Kate Middleton           Angelina Jolie          Gisele Bundchen


Confidence:      Reese Witherspoon       John Travolta


Stuttering:         Jennifer Aniston            Bruce Willis


Nail biting:        Eva Mendes


Phobias:             Eva Mendes (spiders)


Sea sickness:    Kevin Costner


Insomnia:         Kevin Bacon


Other celebrities who had treatments using hypnosis:   Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Jay Leno…

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