Each consultation is unique and tailored to you, blending Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Therapy, EFT, Mindfulness techniques and useful tools to get you the most results.
It is a teamwork relationship where we will work together towards a clear and achievable goal.
Throughout the sessions, I teach you tips and techniques to use as and when for self management and anxiety.

I only see clients for a minimum of 3 sessions, as that allows us to work on the different aspects of the issue, and for shifts to happen, giving your brain the minimum time necessary to create healthier changes.

On average, 6 sessions are recommended to give full results and it gives the opportunity to reinforce the positive outcome into the long term. Sometimes, a client reaches their goal before 6 sessions, which is great. Everybody is different and makes progress at their own pace, depending on the issues they bring.

If there are several problems or issues to address and more support is needed, then we can continue working together.

Packages of 3, 6, 9 and 12 sessions are available.


First session: 

Our first session is our initial assessment session. I will take some general information about your lifestyle, health and habits, then we start to discuss the issue(s) for which you are seeking help. During that stage, we will agree on a clear achievable goal and I can start tailoring your session (and future sessions) from that point.

I use Solution focused Psychotherapy throughout the talking part of the session, where you can start to experience psychological benefits, which will be built upon throughout the subsequent sessions. We finish with the hypnotic part where we can work directly on the subconscious habits, fears or anxieties that need shifting.

Depending on your availability, location and/or preference, this session will take place either in person in Sussex or London, or online over Zoom.


Subsequent Regular Sessions

From the beginning you will be fully involved with the therapeutic process so you are aware of the progress you are making. The typical course of treatment is 4 – 6 sessions and there will often be exercises to be carried out and practiced between sessions. Where possible it is preferable for sessions to take place at regular intervals until completion, typically one week apart. The scheduling of all sessions is flexible and entirely designed to fit in with your schedule and for the benefit of you alone.

Typically I will suggest 'homework' tasks or assignments to aid the process of your improvement. Great strides in development can be made between sessions and it is important that the topics we discuss and work on in consultation are put into practice between times.


Hypnotherapy has shown to be 93% effective after 6 sessions compared to 38% effective after 600 psychoanalysis sessions (this is because we work at theta brain wave activity) so packages are suggested for full benefits.




Haywards Heath (home location):

Initial sessions 90 mins: £85

Follow up sessions 75 mins: £70

1 Hour session (kids/teens): £65



Hassocks: The Heeler Centre   

Initial session 90 min:  £ 90

Follow up 75 min:  £ 75



London (central)

90 mins:  £150

2 hours:  £190



Smoking Package: 

Sussex:     3 sessions   £ 350

London    3 sessions   £ 470



Packages of 3, 6 or 9 and 12 sessions are available.

(prices are discounted when booked as a package. Enquire for prices)

A package of consultations is what gets to the root of the problems and allows to really shift those old habits, fears or old thinking patterns.

  • Most packages include a very minimum of 3 sessions and up to 12 consultations, and I have noticed this is when clients make the breakthroughs, achieve their goals and break free from the problem(s).




It is now required that all sessions be paid upfront for sessions in my home, in Hove and for London bookings.

Sessions can be paid by:

  • Bank transfer (for clients visiting my home, London and for online bookings)
  • Card or cash payment (Clients seeing me at the clinic in Hassocks) .

You will receive a booking confirmation email when your payment has been received.



If you have a confirmed scheduled booking for a Hypnotherapy session that you wish to cancel you must do so at least 48 hours in advance of the session.

The appointment can then be rescheduled to another date and time.

Cancellations within 48 hours will result in a late cancellation fee - 50% of the total.

Cancellation on the day of the appointment: The full fee is charged.

Refunds can not be given for missed appointments or when courses have been purchased.

Please note, if you are more than 15 minutes late for your session in the clinics, I may not be able to complete the session in time and may not be able to see you.


If you have any medical conditions or are on any medication that may affect your treatment it is your responsibility to inform us prior to your first Consultation.

If you are unsure if this is the right treatment for you please feel free to message any questions you may have at all via the contact form.




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