• Each consultation is unique and tailored to you, blending Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Therapy, tasks and useful tools to get you the most results.
    It is a teamwork relationship where we will work together towards a clear and achievable goal.
    During the first part of the consultation we will be talking and I will be guiding you to find the right information and help you make some shifts.
  • If there are a few problems or issues to address and more support is needed then I recommend a course of sessions
  • A package of consultations is what gets to the root of the problems and allows to really shift those old habits, fears or old thinking patterns.
  • Most packages include 3 to 6 consultations, and I have noticed this is when clients make the breakthroughs and achieve their goals and break free from the problem(s).
  • For some clients and depending on the complexity of the problems, longer packages are available so you can achieve the results you desire.
  • I can see you in person in London, Brighton and Hassocks. If you are based in another part of the country or the rest of the world, by using Skype or FaceTime. My clients love it because it is a relaxing experience in the comfort of their own home and the results I've had have been the same as in person.