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And welcome to Balance my mind. My name is Stephanie, I am an Anxiety expert and wellbeing coach and I help people just like you to reach their wellness goals.

I'm guessing you are here because would like to make a change?

Congratulations on taking the first step towards making a positive change in your life.

The work we will do together will be personally tailored to suit you so we can create the change necessary to get rid of the issue that has been holding you back to living your life fully.

Can you imagine feeling better, calmer and clearer headed?

Finally letting go of that old habit?

Changing those negative thinking or behaving patterns?

Change doesn’t need to be hard or take years. The hardest part is making the decision to change something. My approach is caring and professional and as a hypnotherapist and solution focused therapist I work with clients towards getting great results.

If you are looking for a quick magic cure, then I probably can't help you.

We work together as a team towards a clear goal. Along with the right motivation and effort and that subconscious mind on board, we can make lasting life changes. It is amazing to see what can happen with the right guidance and therapy.

I have worked with many clients just like you and I have seen the changes unfolding along our sessions together.


  • Have you been thinking about making a change for a while but haven't quite got around to it ? or maybe you're not sure how to go about it or you have reservations ?
  • Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the anxious or negative thoughts you have?
  • Maybe it is an old habit you'd like to get rid of or something else you'd like to change?

hypnotherapy mind coaching therapy

The approaches I use are:

Solution focused therapy (Brief Therapy), Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT (Tapping), Mindfulness and wellness practices coaching. I use different techniques depending on your needs and progress.

Combined, it gets results. It can be life changing and I have testimonials from my clients to prove it.

Throughout the sessions, I also teach you techniques you can use as a practice in your every day life or when you may experience anxiety in the future. You will have a 'toolbox' of self caring and wellbeing techniques by your side so you can manage life's ups and downs with the right tools.


As seen it:


Sessions available in:


Haywards Heath, Fox Hill



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Home visits (Central London only)


Or Online sessions


Book your Free 20 minutes Clarity Call with me.

Fill your details and availability on the Contact Form page and I will be in touch to schedule a date and a time for our telephone or video call


Feel good Inside Out (1)

1 Day Intensive Workshop for Entrepreneurial Women and Ladies who want to raise their confidence and Visibility

Bespoke Makeup Lesson + Hypnotherapy


I work with women starting their own businesses and women entrepreneurs who want to be more visible but are worried about the public face of their business and how they look on camera.

I help them build their confidence from the inside out, look and feel great behind the camera and project a polished professional image so they can show up, shine and be more visible.

What does it Include?

  • A Tailored morning aimed at breaking free from the confidence issues holding you back. We will work on any beliefs and thought patterns holding you back.
  • A blend of tailored hypnosis, psychology and mindset to set you free and start new habits and confidence
  • In the afternoon you will receive a bespoke step by step Makeup Lesson where you will learn looks that suit you, products that work best for your skin, application tips as well as lighting and mindset for confident visibility.
  • You will leave this 1 Day Intensive course with new energy, confidence, ready to step up in your life and business and show up with confidence!




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Read my interview in Seen and the City magazine where I share my story and insights about hypnotherapy and how it can transform lives. Click on the link, enjoy!

Contact Stephanie (1)

Hypnotherapy sessions now available in Haywards Heath!

Great for Ditchling, Cuckfield, Lindfield and other locals.













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